With a special passion for acoustic drums, Peace Musical is a public owned company that has been creating instruments and musical accessories for over thirty years. Peace is one of the largest and most successful acoustic drum manufacturers in the world. Peace understands that consistent quality control is best achieved by building in-house. Many members of the tight-knit manufacturing team at Peace have been with the company since its inception, so experience and expertise has risen as the company has grown. The consistency and excellence of Peace's products is the result of Peace Musical's commitment to its employees and its dedication to rigorous manufacturing processes.

The manufacturing process begins with creative and innovative designs and rigid engineering specifications. Designs are realized using the highest quality raw materials, including premium grade hardwoods, high purity metals, and space age composites. Being a world-class manufacturer, Peace has also been responsive to technological advances and global market forces as the company has grown. Combining old world hand crafting with high technology, Peace brings together the best materials from around the world, and with a staff of expert craftsmen, state-of-the-art machinery, and proven processes, builds musical products to exacting standards that are second to none.


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